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STWEC belongs to the Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition, our umbrella organization, with which we complete all of the monitoring requirements and work on ways to make this an efficient and reasonable program that satisfies the requirements of both the state and our members.


What is STWEC?

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Board of directors 2018-2019

Ron Keown - President
Shasta Co.

Sam Mudd - Vice President
Tehama Co.

Larry Solberg - Treasurer
Shasta Co.

Jon Anderson - Secretary
​Shasta & Tehama Co.

 Paul Bertagna - Board Member

The Shasta-Tehama Watershed Coalition (or "STWEC") is a voluntary coalition of irrigators in the North State located in Shasta and Tehama Counties who have joined together to comply with the Clean Water Act.

The Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program was initiated by the State of California in 2003 to prevent agricultural runoff from impairing surface waters. If irrigators become members of an approved coalition, all permitting can be combined and submitted as a group. That is why STWEC was formed, as an inexpensive alternative to individual discharge permits from the California State Water Resources Control Board.


Contact STWEC for membership!  You can find more information about the procedure at the Central Valley Regional Water Control Board.